Next level security for ATMs running Microsoft® Bitlocker®


The Masterkey ends up where it belongs: in a Hardware Secure Element

Plug & Play

Installation of BlockGuard is very simple and will only take several minutes.

Cost efficient

Replacing your ATMs is not necessary. Simply extend the lifespan.

ATMs are at risk

We have entered a new era of active and advanced malware attack from sophisticated code-literate cybercriminals. There is protection available but it doesn’t provide all the answers.

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How does it work?

BlockGuard is an innovative way to protect your data. BlockGuard builds on the security offered by BitLocker® but adds an enhanced feature set that blocks attacks and guards your machine when it is at its most vulnerable to sophisticated exploits.

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Plug and Play

That's right. Plugging in BlockGuard into an ATM is enough. The BlockGuard software will do the rest.

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Why BlockGuard?

Secure storage of the master encryption key using multi-factor authentication
Uses BitLockers® own secure mechanism but adds further layers of security
Harnesses the security features of the ATM and operating system to enhance security

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Request a demo and get started

Due to the nature of our product and services, we only deal with legitimate businesses.
Enquiries will be validated carefully before shipping a sample.

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